Hello, We create software

We’re TecBased. A young but powerful team of developers and designers with one objective in mind. Making the web more friendlier.


Services we offer

We offer a full range of design and development services. As our client, you’ll be in touch with our experienced project management, with updates provided and questions answered at every phase of the project.

  • UX Design

    We understand the importance of a smooth, frictionless user journey. We’ll help you define business requirements, develop user profiles and workflows, and identify core functionality to create in-depth wireframes that will pave the way to a world-class user experience.

  • UI Design

    Great interface design is about delighting users with beautiful visuals and seamless, intuitive interactions. We’ll help you establish a consistent visual language that speaks to your brand, steps beyond passing trends, and keeps your users and customers coming back for more.

  • Front End

    Our front-end developers are highly experienced, fluent in multiple frameworks, and understand the importance of clean, eloquent code. We approach every project with longevity in mind, and our developers work closely with our designers to seamlessly bring ideas to life.

  • Back End

    We understand that code is a living entity that needs to scale and adapt as your business grows and new information comes to light. We’ll help you pick the stack that fits the nature of your project and long-term goals, delivering a final product that prioritizes maintainability.

About Us

TecBased is an UX/UI design, mobile app and custom software development company in Algarve. We are a diverse group of digital strategists, technologists, tinkers, and thought leaders. Together, we aim to co-invent the future by adding our unique expertise pulled from a diverse portfolio of industries. From creating innovative solutions B2B and B2C for energy, mobility, tourism, governance, industry, services, quality of life and healthcare providers, to first-in-kind experiences for top consumer brands, to streamlining processes for government entities, our capabilities are vast and adaptable. When looking at the big picture, our mission is to transform the way humans interact with technology by uncovering unique opportunities in previously unexplored territories. We aim to transform the DNA of entire industries in order to make a lasting impact that extends far beyond the product.Every client, who had come to us, did not left without a well-provided service.

Let us work together - you will not regret!